Moral judgement?

Hubbard against topless parade

TVNZ, Aug 15, 2006

Auckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard says a planned parade of topless porn stars on motorcycles on Queen St is inappropriate.

Next week's event, which is linked to the Erotica show, has been given the green light by the council's events and promotion staff.

But, Hubbard says it is a blatant promotion of the show and the street should not be used to endorse such a commercial event. He says he has asked the council's chief executive to look at the precedent the parade might set and whether there is a bylaw that could prevent it going ahead.

Hubbard says he is not making a moral judgement about the promotion of pornography.


Jennifer said...

He might fear being exposed, being a Dick and all...


hein said...

I'm sorry, but the guy's got a point. Topless porn stars? In public? I for one support the law against public nudity. It just makes sense. Maybe next week we could have the octogenerian nudist society holding a parade and doing some interesting things with rubber bands for all to see.

This reminds me of an onion classic:

hein said...

That link didn't come out right:


b said...

I don’t get it.

Why doesn’t dick just point out:

1. it’s indecent exposure in public (what I mean is, isn’t it illegal anyway?)
2. surely it’s illegal to promote pornography in an arena where children cannot be protected by their parents?

Even if 1 doesn’t hold, most everyone would (and probably should) concur with a moral judgment against promoting pornography to children. It shouldn't be a a moral judgment of pornography per se. are they not able to distinguish between the two?

is dick just being thick or am i missing something? (why am i feeling a degree of discomfort after having written the above sentence?)

How things have changed in my lifetime alone (or is it just me?): Who would have thought 20 years ago that an important leader of the community making a moral judgment would be frowned upon in principle?

liezl said...

I assume the event will take place in the evening, so children will be protected from the terrible sight. (I thought of doing a Google for more information, but typing in 'Dick Hubbard', 'porn stars', 'Erotica' or 'Queen street' is just looking for trouble.)

But still, I agree that such indecency cannot be tolerated. The joke is that our liberal society has become so Tolerant and so PC that he cannot simply say that. He has to come up with some technical point about it being 'a commercial event'.

Poor Dick has a reputation for morality, if not for his intelligence. He made his name as an Ethical Businessman, manufacturing nutritious breakfast cereals and treating his employees with respect (like he probably allowed mothers to breastfeed their babies at work). So he has to be careful what he says. He doesn't want to look as though he were judgemental.

Rebecca said...

I did google 'Dick Hubbard and Queen Street'. I was concerned that the story had taken a rather extreme and macabre turn when i read "Dick Hubbard allows Queen Street massacre". I thought he'd taken his moral quest a little too far. But it's okay, don't be alarmed, it turns out that he supported the massacre of trees not topless porn stars..

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note on etiquette. Should we not be referring to him as 'His Worship the Mayor"? Dick seems a bit familiar (this screams for crass jokes)! ;)

Rebecca again.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.

None of the boobs on display will be real boobs, so it won't be real public nudity.

Of more concern are the public health issues. Auckland's weather is not the best - the ladies might catch a cold.


dcm said...

"is dick just being thick or am i missing something?"

b, without rhyme or reason. i’m sure the subject matter allows... or not!? Nonetheless, I feel uneasiness with the poesy as well.

liezl said...

I ran this by a group of kiwi students this morning and their attitude is that there is nothing indecent about bare boobs on bikes, but if you don't like it, then don't go.

b, it turns out the event will take place in broad daylight (over lunchtime), and it is not illegal. The only reason they applied for a permit was because of the possible disruption to traffic (You think?!).

His Worship Ron Jeremy will star in the Erotica show, along with a host of other stars.

So it is official: (Us) Afrikaners are conservative - 'uit de oude doos'.

Don said...


liezl said...

don said: LET THEM RUN FREE!!!

I rest my case.