That which moves

Of all the articles I have read over the last few months, this one has probably given me the most moments of pause.

This idea, along with playing too much Civilization and the book I have recently finished reading on evolution, has turned me into an almost catatonic observer of History, of Process, that is at the same time unfolding at the speed of light and standing stock still. When I look around it feels like I am looking down.

And I think that without ideals we sink into ourselves, but not into some state of divine meditation, but rather something akin to animalization, where we are quietly alone with our wants and needs, which become our headlights.

There is of course no alternative. Unless you guys want to take this blog further and start a cult. We can make it interesting. We can start listing holy symbols, write sacred texts, and invent intricate rituals that may or may not involve copulation and vomiting. Think about it.

UPDATE: I have just noticed that the full article now requires a subscription. Nico, I have just emailed a copy to you, please pass it on to Barry.

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