Here's an interesting parody of PitchFork, the popular indie music review website. It kind of reminds me of that Frank Zappa quip about how rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read.



From hitchcock's the birds

CATHY: Mitch? Why are they doing this? The birds.

MITCH: I don't know, honey.

CATHY: Why are they trying to kill people?

MITCH: I wish I could say


Song of the week

"European Oils"


a singular view

An Annotation of the First Page of White Noise, With Help From Don DeLillo


That which moves

Of all the articles I have read over the last few months, this one has probably given me the most moments of pause.

This idea, along with playing too much Civilization and the book I have recently finished reading on evolution, has turned me into an almost catatonic observer of History, of Process, that is at the same time unfolding at the speed of light and standing stock still. When I look around it feels like I am looking down.

And I think that without ideals we sink into ourselves, but not into some state of divine meditation, but rather something akin to animalization, where we are quietly alone with our wants and needs, which become our headlights.

There is of course no alternative. Unless you guys want to take this blog further and start a cult. We can make it interesting. We can start listing holy symbols, write sacred texts, and invent intricate rituals that may or may not involve copulation and vomiting. Think about it.

UPDATE: I have just noticed that the full article now requires a subscription. Nico, I have just emailed a copy to you, please pass it on to Barry.

Suicide Bomber Barbie

The mighty Economist's take on the little lady with the little waist that's even littler than she is.


Too bad the article's overlong, but it's in any case just a pretext for me to say "Suicide Bomber Barbie".

share some please tea with me

more songs from the perpetual playlist:

colin meloy - every day is like sunday
captain beefheart - her eyes are a blue million miles
bob dylan - lay lady lay
love is all - turn the radio off

Edward Burtynsky

Have a look at the photography of Edward Burtynsky.


The Church of SubGenius

I just came across a cultural product for which I have often seen references but never knew about.

Thank "Bob" for Wikipedia


Album of the week

David Thomas Burroughs – The Complete Guide to Insufficiency.

How simple to equate form with substance. How easy to think that Metal must always be more pessimistic and cynical – harder and darker - than Folk. The whispering David Thomas Burroughs tempts one to suicide without even raising his voice. Like some comedian showing you the emptiness of your life.