Those wacky Scientologists again

I'm sorry, but these guys fascinate me. Some of you have seen the email, but for the benefit of all the many readers of a pattern tub:

A while ago I completed the "Personality Test*" on the Scientology website. When they receive your answers via email, they send you a message that they have marked it, that you can come in, and that they will evaluate you. The whole thing is, of course, just a device to get you to come to their “church”. Then they tell you you're crazy and need to pay them lots of money or else risk depression and ultimately suicide. I heard a story from someone (only once removed from the victim) of how they blackmailed and threatended the then 15-year old after he had completed the test. (For more on their evil practices, read this fascinating if scary exposé that appeared in Time Magazine)

In any case (I digress), not long after they tried to lure me in, I get this message below (complete with typo's and spelling errors). The nitwits apparently thought that copying me in on this gibberish would enhance the chances of my coming to see them...

Wow, the building belongs to us!! How many of you ever thought that would ever manifest it the MEST universe, well it's OURS.

So now, what's next? In the LRH ED 102 INT, 'THE IDEAL ORG', LRH explains the Ideal Org. If you would care to read the LRH ED you will see that yes the building ia a major part of the whole idea, but frankly, t is what is occuring INSIDE the building that attracts most of LRH's attention. Read the LRH ED (we have copies in the Org) and decide for yourself exactly what it that an Ideal Org means for you. I know what it means for me...

Right now, Cape Town Org has 4 people on tech training at Flag, 1 more about to go, 2 training right here in our Academy 1 at the CTO (Continental Training Org) in Johanesburg and 1 more about to go. Now, you just add this Power to the Tech direction being provided by our Flag trained Snr C/S (whom some of you have had the pleasure to meet) and you beigin to see the whole Ideal Org manifesting right here in Cape Town.And if you don't believe me, you should see the stats at a Friday morning staff meeting, with many of our key stats doubling over the past 6 months!! So, what's next?

Step 4 of the Affluence formula is 'Discover what caused the condition of Affluence and strengthen it'; well in Cape Townh it was getting people to and back from Flag. In this light, we are arranging for 3 more qualified TTCers to be sent for Flag training to boom their dynamics. If you qualify, or want to find out what the qualifications are contact Josh on 072-149-6433 or Dave on 083-291-2954.

*The test in itself is quite weird. For example, the word "consider" is repeatedly used when the word "think" would be more appropriate. For example, "Do you consider more money should be spent on social security?".

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