Ugliest. Car. Ever.

The Ford Ka

This car is just ridiculous. Whenever I see it on the road I can't help gaping at the driver, thinking what went wrong? What happened?

No, seriously, they could have just completed the word and called it Kak. What name is Ka for a car anyway? That's the sound I make when I beat my wife.

There is even a Ka enthusiasts club, called the Kaklub, which sounds just way too coprophilic.


dcm said...

I thought of getting myself one. Fantasising about a kaklub membership…

John Diffenthal said...

Car names are a real problem area:
- Rolls Royce Silver Mist (less than ideal for a German buyer)
- Vauxhall Nova (killing the Spanish opportunity with only one word)

Ka may be a kak name, but the reason that there is a Kaklub is that it is weirdly fun to drive.

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!