Be like the children...

and have yourself nailed to a cross:

Good Friday: 11 People Nailed To Crosses In Philippines

SAN PEDRO CUTUD, Philippines -- A 45-year-old commercial sign maker in the Philippines is among 11 people who had themselves nailed to crosses Friday in observance of Good Friday.

For him, it was the 20th time he's taken part in the extreme ritual. He said it's his way of thanking God after miraculously surviving a fall from a building when he was a construction worker.

The Good Friday re-enactments mark the final hours of Jesus Christ.

Religious leaders in the Philippines oppose the event. But the annual Lenten ritual has become one of the country's most-awaited seasonal attractions in two villages north of Manila. Thousands watch as the devotees are crucified with 4-inch nails soaked in alcohol to prevent infection.

An estimated 15,000 people are on hand to watch.

And I know Jesus' life is supposed to be an example to live by, but I doubt he was talking about this part. Also, am I the only person to enjoy the pun in that last sentence?


b said...

It's just not the same if you soak the nails in alcohol.

hein said...

yeah, fucking moffies...

dcm said...

I guess there's better uses for the combination of alcohol and nails, so I'd rather be an alcoholic moffie with serious nail utilising issues than a complete idiot to the entertainment of 15000 on hand!

Anonymous said...

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