Comrade Zuma again

News24 reports indifferently that our venerable Comrade came out shouting at a mass meeting in honour of his reinstatement as Deputy President of the ANC, "I hate rapists, izishimane [guys who do not have girlfriends]".

Come again? He hates guys who don't have girlfriends? Call me crazy, but does this not qualify as hate speech? Does the Zulu language not distinguish between rapists and guys who don't have girlfriends? Presumably all Zulu guys who don't have girlfriends naturally rape. After all, they "also have needs".

Zuma is now reinstated as Deputy President of the ANC, but not South Africa. The government, in other words, has a lower tolerance for corruption than the ANC, which has by implication some tolerance for it. That’s very reassuring. And this view is consistent with the fact that he “stepped down” as deputy president of the ANC after the rape charges, not after the corruption charges.

The irony is that Zuma is now much more popular than before the rape allegations and just after the Shaik conviction. Can it be that the rape trial was actually just a masterful strategic move planned by Zuma all along? Probably not, the guy is obviously an idiot not capable of consecutive thought, never mind strategic manoeuvring.

The News24 report ends equally indifferently with “Zuma then led his followers with his trademark song, 'Bring my machine gun'”.

As a single male I would just like to state the following, for the record, just so it’s clear:

I hate Jacob Zuma.

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