The media is a snake eating its own tail, and we the public, the trope eaters, tune in every day and believe that we are active citizens because we are watching this sickening sight. But we are duped. The media are leading us by the nose, and we follow and bray and call it opinion.

This Zuma thing just showed once again this mundane terribility. Firstly, they insinuated his guilt, because it makes good headlines, and headlines sell. Then, after he is found innocent, they have this great story about how Zuma was a victim of the media, a victim now vindicated, and they make him into a hero, because heroes sell newspapers, and so we go in circles…

At one point it paid to play torturer. At the next point, it paid to play vindicator of the victim you tortured, and the media turned around on a dime without a single moment of introspection.

The media is an industry, and its worst than most, for where with most industries you are lulled into buying products, with the media you are tricked into being a product, which they sell to advertisers. They keep our attention, our tranfixed gaze, by playing on our ego, our need to be seen as being clever and informed. Our need to have something to say that would make us more...there, less ghostlike and voiceless. But its all a show.

Last night on Special Assignment they had a velvet-gloved interview with Zuma where they asked him whether he would accept being the next president. But where did that question come from? By asking that question, and similar like it, they are anointing him. The media as king-maker, not because he would be a good king, but because king-making sells. And so we are sold, and our country, for money, for sales, for ratings.

They are setting the agenda. They are making this world.
And they are fucking it up.


b said...

Thank God for blogs. Reading the newspaper or watching the news is like trying to figure out what your autistic "30 seconds" partner is trying to explain to you.

Anonymous said...

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