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Generalisation is a critical survival instinct for the human species. Let’s imagine we have a friend Bob that lived thousands of years ago. Bob is having a bad day. A big lion just ate his friend Tommy, and this morning, another lion ate his girlfriend, Nell. Coincidence? Maybe, but just yesterday yet another lion ate his friend Peter. “I don’t like lions, they eat my friends”, he thinks to himself. But Bob, how can you say that? Do you know all lions? Aren’t you being an animalist? "Hmm, you’re right", says Bob, "I will give lions the benefit of the doubt." The next day Bob gets eaten by a lion while trying to feed it milk and cookies. Bob’s exact genetic makeup is lost forever. Which is good, because he was stupid.

And so a species prone to generalisation evolved over tens of thousands of years. It is only relatively recently in human history that generalizations have started to be frowned upon. What is the worst thing a person can be labelled as? A racist. You’re more likely to get away with murder. They should change the idiom to “he’s getting away with racism”. "Did you hear about that guy who allegedly murdered his wife, he’s getting away with racism."

Racism has been an important survival tool, just like other attempts of the human brain to categorize. For a long time it was perfectly acceptable to hate your proverbial neighbour, for the simple reason that, in a resource limited area, it was either you or them.

Racism is now considered the ultimate evil. White South Africans (with a lot of help from Cecil John Rhodes and English social engineers) inflicted Apartheid on blacks. This will forever be looked upon with disdain, while early US settlers’ conquering of Native Americans is still secretly considered by most US patriots to be a glorious conquering.

White South African leaders were not evil men. They simply believed that the ever-multiplying blacks would eventually kill them all. Let’s face it: by contemporary standards, black tribes were savages. Zulus sacrificed human life for the good karma of the tribe. Witchdoctors were the closest they had to medical science, and even today we have to put up with that mumbo jumbo. They routinely murdered each other, e.g. that fat traitor Dingaan cowardly assassinated Shaka, his own half brother and the greatest Zulu leader ever. One regularly hears about wonderful cultures past and present from across the world. Surely if you allow some cultures to be considered rich and fascinating, you must allow contempt of others?

Had blacks conquered South Africa and apartheid never happened, chances are the Afrikaans culture would have been lost (or at best scattered in puny clusters around the world), and South Africa would be in complete economic disarray. And blacks would be starving. Happy, but starving.

These are the facts. Facts that cannot ever be mentioned by the media, for they are too terrible and too true. They would result in less international sympathy and therefore less leverage in “the Struggle”. Make no mistake, the Struggle continues. The struggle will never end, because in their heart of hearts, average blacks long for the glory days of Shaka Zulu and other great black leaders, when they had a virtual god to believe in and fight for. Their struggle is against consensus modern civilisation.

Is there ever a justification for racism? How predominantly fucked up must a race/culture be before it is PC for me to say “Fuck it, I don’t lik’em”. The answer, apparently, is that you can never say that. Race is the ONE instance where you simply cannot have a preference. No matter how many babies get raped, farmers get killed, African countries get fucked up, or how many dearly loved fat cat black kings enfamish their peoples, you have to respect it. Even admire it.

Political correctness is the denial of reality in favour of prevailing ideology. The fact that black tribes would have slaughtered white folk one by one had they not devised a system to control the black masses doesn’t make any difference. The fact that blacks were arguably better off under white rule doesn’t change a thing. The fact that culturally-challenged blacks fucked up just about every country in Africa must never be uttered. White Afrikaners are evil because they stood up to barbarians and defended their culture, their way of living, which they valued above anybody else’s culture. So God yes they were racist.

To help make things make sense in my head, I have to generalize. Since my mind needs to process brutal murders, rapes, corruption and senseless violence, it yearns to generalize. In doing so, I hope the individual appreciates not being patronized.


hein said...

Racism means the hatred of another race.

But what do you call fear of another race?

mazedesigner said...

I agree that there is a pragmatic need to make generalizations about race in certain situations. Walking late at night in San Francisco near my apartment, I am more cautious if there is a black man behind me than a white man. I don't think this makes me a racist. The black comedian Chris Rock says that he is more fearful of blacks when walking down the street. But while it is beneficial to generalize about race in some cases, I think it is important to not overgeneralize. For example, I think an employer who discrimates based on race is racist in a way that is detrimental to himself and society (and is flat out unethical). While it might be easier to "throw out the baby with the bath water," when it comes to race, humans are much better off when looking at others as individuals whenever possible. It is a valuable exercise to examine ones own racist inclinations and distinguish between generalizations that have value versus those that are reductive.

b said...


b said...

Government is intent on reminding whites about their past mistakes every chance they get. Black leaders continually remind their people about the injustices of perpetrated by whites so that blacks will be forever be petrified of whites, and only vote for black majority political parties. Never mind that this tactic is instils distrust of whites in the hearts of the poor blacks that arguably took the full brunt of Apartheid. Never mind that it is a spanner in the works of genuine efforts to bring the people of this country together. It wins elections. Winning elections leads to power. Power leads to money and big BMW’s. Not to the black people, but to the corrupt black leaders. Every study shows that poor blacks are poorer and rich blacks are richer than before democracy in SA. This is not because an integrated society is in principle less optimal than Apartheid, but because there is too much corruption and greed among powerful blacks. Case in point Jacob Zuma. I have the world of respect for Mbeki risking a mutiny in his party and firing his ass.

The struggle goes on after 12 years of democracy. Blacks are convinced the fact that they are still poor has got something to do with those white people the government keeps warning them about. They are not to be trusted. Whenever a white person criticizes a black person, he is immediately accused of being a racist, and this label is so powerful in SA that accused stands no chance in the media, and no individual or organisation wants to be associated with him, for fear of being labelled an accomplice.

Meanwhile millions of blacks are infected with HIV, and the government is loathe to even acknowledge that HIV causes AIDS. In fact, the Health Department is pulling out all the stops to prevent the courts from making the supply of antiretroviral medicine to HIV positive patients mandatory. What the fuck?

One can't help but look at other African countries and worry.

tinus said...

I think the race situation in South Africa is so unique that anyone who hasn't lived and worked there will find it difficult to understand all the issues.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Xenophobia is fear of people from other countries and cultures, not specifically fear of another race. Broadly, I believe it to be the fear of anything (not just anyone) that is foreign.

Anyway, I think I digress.

I'm afraid I don't know the correct term for fear of another race.

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.