Werner Herzog and the Deeper Truth

"Compared to the newer technological advances that enable us to experience, and participate in, art and culture (television on cell phones, MP3 players, blogging websites), the DVD format appears almost antique. The first DVD Players appeared in Japan in 1996, and in the U.S.A. the following year. Since then, DVD has usurped the VHS tape to become the dominant domestic format for watching movies and filmed entertainment.

Yet contained within DVDs is a technical feature that enhances our enjoyment and understanding of film to an unprecedented degree: these are the spare audio tracks that allow optional audio commentaries to be added. For hardcore cineastes — and bug-eyed amateur movie buffs like me — this is an invention of Guttenburgian proportions. Few technological advances in the realm of art and culture can equal the joy afforded by an articulate and perceptive commentary specially prepared to accompany a movie."



nico said...

From the comments section in this article:

"A classic DVD commentary is the one between Steven Soderbergh and screenwriter Lem Dobbs on the film The Limey. Dobbs starts taking Soderbergh to task for his emotional shortcomings as a filmmaker, and they nearly get into a fistfight."

dcm said...

Rodriguez on Desperado? Very insightful to what movie making entails.

Ludwig said...

I guess that's why all Herzog's movies contain great director's commentaries... Still have a few to listen to :)

b said...

So while Soderbergh and Dobbs are commenting on the film, they almost have a fistfight, literally?