The conflict

Here is a short and well written article that could serve as an introduction to what is going on in the Middle East.

And as a point of argument, let me just say that the South African media is sickeningly bias towards the conflict, siding without fail against Israel and always choosing pseudo-pundits from the gallery of 'Arab voices' for its daily sound byte. Make no mistake, behind this conflict is not the state of Israel, but the totalitarian regimes of Syria and Iran, who are greedy, blind and corrupt, without any saving graces.

In South Africa, my life is worth shit in the eyes of the government. They truly could not care less whether I live or die. The Israelis are different. They believe that the life of every member of society is worth the entire society. Society as family, as community. Can you imagine living in such a society? Tears, where did they come from?

There have been Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria since the Six Day War in 1967. They have not given these people citizenship. They have kept their own kind in camps for 40 years. Why? Because these camps provide sons and daughters that can be used as terrorists against Israel, because as long as these camps exist there will be Palestinians searching for a home. The Arab states don’t want peace, because war keeps attention away from their own decrepit regimes. Just like Bush has been playing the patriot card again and again as stories of corruption and deceit have surfaced in the press, so these leaders cry Zionist every time somebody starts talking about the terribility of their regimes.

Their own people. Think of the way Israel treats its people, then think of the way the surrounding Arab states treat theirs, and then and only then can you talk to me about who is the aggressor.


b said...

very informative.

the nice thing about war is that it allows one to pick a side without fear of reproach.

Rebecca said...

As someone who floats along in blissful ignorance, experiencing minor and selfish panic when I glance at the news, I surprised myself by opening the link and reading the article.

My brain hurt afterwards. I think that means I learnt something...

but I'll keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

good for you rebecca

you win a gold star

b said...

well done rebecca

soon you will be informed and depressed like the rest of us.

tell your friend tinus "a pattern tub" misses him. It sends its regards.

Anonymous said...

B: Smug comeback, but appreciated the sentiment.
Funny that you plead apathy, but you have to protect the little guys.
No one should be patted on the back for admitting to ignorance. If you are aware of your ineptitude, ignorance and naivete, you should attempt to repair it as soon as possible. It is best not to proudly proclaim it, because you are asking for a beating.

Anonymous said...

"No one should be patted on the back for admitting to ignorance."

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

Rebecca said...


I didn't feel as though I were being praised for my ignorance - maybe patronised but certainly not praised - and I wasn't declaring it proudly either. I was being self - deprecating, an English trait that Anthropologists (Nb Kate Fox) will tell you is nigh on impossible to shrug off. Surely if I were truly ignorant, I wouldn't know I were ignorant.

However I was showing a willingness to learn about something I find difficult to understand and I don't think that I, or anyone, should be belittled for that. If I were a weaker character I could be put off forever!


I passed your message on to Tinus. He looked thoughtful before walking away.

nico said...

Tinus always looks thoughtful before walking away.


b said...


hope you don't think I was patronising you. i was just being cynical about the nature of knowledge. I, for one, sincerely commend your willingness to learn new stuff, and appreciate your childlike enthusiasm about it this whole ordeal. you did not deserve being dragged into this slugfest. i feel i have failed you somehow.


we're not sure we want your gold stars. we don't take gold stars from strangers.


you are tinus. write it down. remember it. share it.


you're dead, so piss off.


i want to go one step further:
tinus always looks thoughtful and then walks away.

hein said...

I thought we were talking about Israel?

Rebecca said...

b: You aren't responsible for me but thanks anyway.

Hein: I believe you are correct.

All: I can't tell you whether Tinus still looked thoughtful after he had walked away because he had his back to me. I can tell you that he needs his hair cut.

b said...

what's israel got to do with it?

Rebecca said...

Don't ask me - I'm ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you learned something.
I'm glad that you're not a weak character, because weaklings don't do well on this blog e.g.'Twee-duisend-and-ses' but I don't take any of what I said back.
Self-deprecating or not, fix it.

Fuck Kate Fox.

hein said...

What the f*ck does Vietnam have to do with anything?

b said...

my buddies didn't die face down in the mud for this shit.

b said...

rebecca, pull yourself the fuck together.

Rebecca said...

I will do my level best to 'pull myself together'. Thanks for all the advice everyone. It has been an emotional experience.

Anonymous said...

B: You are a fucking gender-biased hypocrite.

I support my hypothesis with the following:

Your comment in:

Case 1
I have already mentioned the following:

‘’As my 12-jarige seuntjie eendag so 'n gedig na my aangesleep bring sal ek vir hom se dis oulik maar jy kan beter.’’

Case 2

‘’Following on from DCM’s post regarding the 25 most popular nouns, I thought it would be interesting to see how relatively popular those nouns are on Google.’’

Case 3

And then, one day, it comes up in conversation and a friend doesn’t know anything about it, and you take great pleasure in scolding the shit out of him.
(yes, you would repeat this same mistake)

It is easy to see right through your comments. You probably patronize everybody around you all the time and then write saintly philosophical views that make you irresistible to your female fan d…cunning skill of hypnotism.

If you look at the significance of my statement in your life you will probably find a correlation of 1.

This is my gift to the voiceless.

Adriaan said...

Anonymous, a practical approach 2 war is always impressive
On a impartial level of course
Hopping ignorantly you’re not a self inflicted faceless cunt

b said...

dear anon (or should i say coward)

please take your pills. then take your other pills. then, and only then, read on.

who are you? you clearly dissect all my posts (almost like my opinion matters to you), and i appreciate that, but jesus man...

the correlation between two data sets can only be calculated if there's more than one observation in each set. you refer to ONE statement and ONE life, so the correlation is undefined in the statistical sense (which is the only sense that could lead to the number 1). a for effort though. it almost works.

“you would repeat this same mistake” if it’s not the same mistake, i wouldn’t be repeating it. do you see what I’m getting at? in any case , who said it’s a mistake? if it gives me pleasure, and my friends and i have the same sense of humour, it's not a mistake. besides, i admitted (in that post) that i was an idiot for my ignorance, so that's not hypocrisy. it's a lot like the opposite.

who does "the voiceless" refer to in your final comment? it simply makes no sense. simply quoting my writing doesn't prove you're right, only that you're unoriginal, disturbed and obsessed. collect stamps, for god's sake.

gender-biased? are you saying i'm...what are you saying? I know the meaning of the words, but I don’t follow your argument. I’m tempted to say I don’t think there is any argument. some might even say there is no argument. if there is one, tell me it's not based on two people. take it from me, that's a pretty small sample.

"irresistible to your female fan d..." I assume you’re using the word “fan” very loosely? i did not realize that something as innocent as one comment from someone (out of courtesy for commenting on her blog) qualifies the commentator as a fan. this changes everythng.

i was quite harsh with dcm, and i have my regrets. but i only made those comments because i respect him enough to think that he can handle it, and i know he is capable of more. in any case, i fail to see the relevance of "case 1" and "case 2", especially to each other. are you unhappy with the fact that i treat each post on its own merit?

you say that i "probably patronize everyone" implying that you don't know me, but then you talk about my "life" like you do know me. which brings me back to your pills.

everyone is ignorant. At least rebecca has the balls to admit it.
considering my comments above, i’m sure you’ll be planning on doing A LOT of work on your own ignorance. i could write a thesis on it, and i've only read a few of your carefully crafted comments. i think you will have to give up your calling as "the mysterious authority on all matters on this blog" for at least, oh, say forever, to chip chip chip away at that nasty old ignorance.

thanks anon (if that is your real name), this is exactly what i needed. i feel ten years younger.

Anonymous said...


If you knew anything about life
at all then you would know that hurting someone else does not make one feel better about oneself.

You chose the wrong target. You were looking for it and you will never live to see the end of it.

Now you can go back to your sad, dreary life and get help.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a life...and to start with, stop spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet.

It is destroying your life.

Get counselling.

Anonymous said...

you're a jerk... A complete asshole
... a complete kneebiter'
Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

Anonymous said...

Here in New Zealand, it is fair to describe the media as having only a slight Palestine/Lebanon bias. But I would suggest that that bias is ever so slight, and due solely to the fact that so many innocents are currently dying as a result of Israel's actions. (That is, more innocents are dying as a result of Israel's actions than innocent Israeli's are dying as a result of rocket attacks and suicide bombings. Both outcomes are equally abhorent.)

What is very noticeable is Israel's continued strategy of decsribing (rightly or wrongly) its opponents as "terrorists". I hate that term. War is terror, period.

I don't think that anyone ought to be hounded for their ignorance of the ongoing conflict between Israel and her neighbours. After all, that conflict is entirely incomprehensible to reasonable human beings. I suggest that if you understand it, there is something wrong with you. (You might know the history, but do you really understand what it takes for a person to strap on a TNT jacket with the intention of killing innocent humans? Do you really understand what it must take to order the bombing of a civilian facility?)


iv said...
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