Be an organ donor - get a South African driver's license

The other day when I received my renewed drivers license, I couldn't help but notice that the Organ Donor Foundation of S.A. found a perfect place to advertise:

Maybe the Organ Donor Foundation and the South African Traffic Department got some kind of deal going. Maybe they share the profits from the organs harvested from vehicular accident victims. That could at least be an explanation for the ridiculous road death toll we have in this country: almost 13,000 in 2004.

What a strange place.


b said...

reminds me of the SA company Remgro:

their big thing is tobacco, but they also happen to own a large stake in Medi-Clinic...

Adriaan said...

driving is a risk
might as well use that public space
curb your enthuesichasim :-)
wit mans in wit bakkies