What's the best novel in the past 25 years?

England's Guardian newspaper asked 150 literary luminaries to vote for the best British, Irish or Commonwealth novel from 1980 to 2005. These are the results:

First place:
Disgrace (1999) - JM Coetzee

Second place:
Money (1984) - Martin Amis

Joint third place:
Earthly Powers (1980) - Anthony Burgess
& Atonement (2001) - Ian McEwan

The full list can be found here.


arcadia said...

very interesting. wonder what mr coetzee has to say about it.

Triggermap said...

The White Hotel (1981) DM Thomas - glad thats on the list - a book that can cover Freud vs Jung, erotica, the holocaust and life after death, without loosing focus is a masterpiece, imho.

nico said...

OMG, looks like Harry Potter is also on there. At least Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is listed obove it.

nico said...

Triggermap, I've never read or heard of The White Hotel. I'll look out for it.

Anonymous said...

My god, that's ridiculous. Disgrace? I'll never understand people who adore JM Coetzee so much. I'm not a fan. I think Andre P Brink is a far better writer. Atonement was brilliant though.

I couldn't possibly choose my top three... Maybe Cloud Atlas, Oscar and Lucinda and The English Patient