End Times

Photographer Jill Greenberg has whipped up a storm of controversy with her new exhibition, End Times. The pictures in the show, for which she deliberately provoked tearful outbursts from children by taking away lollipops she had just given them, have been described by some as tantamount to child abuse.

Greenberg herself insists that the children had the sweets returned within 30 seconds, that no lasting harm has been done, and that her concern was to depict what she says reminded her of the "helplessness and anger I feel about America's current political and social situation."



Linka said...

woah, that is a bit hectic. You know they probably wont remember it but why does it still feel like abuse? probably because the paintings are too realistic and touch a nerve. "Dont you feel like crying..."

nico said...

Linka, these are actually heavily touched up photographs, not paintings.

And I dont think it's child abuse at all. Kids that age cry everyday anyway. I think.

The same photographer had a great exhibition of monkey portraits too. Go have a look.

Linka said...

I also dont think it is child abuse. But I still recoil when I see the portraits (distinction between think/feel), maybe it's just because I dont like children or the ones I have to teach anyway.

Monkeys were funny though.

Anonymous said...

Gawd- in America they think taking away a child's lollipop is abuse. Heavens! What a society.

liezl said...

I think at that age crying is more of a means of communication, rather than expression of emotion. Although they look like they're being tormented, what they're really saying is "Give back my damn lollipop you evil witch". I showed my 5-year old these pictures and asked her what she thinks happened to them. "Someone took their toys and they want it back".

Rebecca said...

I just want to say that I love the third photograph. It reminds me of myself and every child I've ever known (I'm a proper grown up now but I still have the potential to look like that little girl after a few beers).