The Knife - the best thing since sliced bread.

You might ask why it took me so long to realise this fact. The only excuse I could come up with was that my friends did not EMPHASIZE this band enough. Come on guys, this is what friends are for! Or maybe some of you still find it difficult to differentiate between above average and genius.

Here's my top The Knife tracks (top 3 then my other essential tracks) :
Marble House (from Silent Shout)
Pass This On (from Deep Cuts)
NY Hotel (from The Knife)

Silent Shout (from Silent Shout)
The Captain (from Silent Shout)
From Off To On (from Silent Shout)
Lasagne (from The Knife)
Bird (from The Knife)
I Just Had To Die (from The Knife)

Let me know what you think.

Best album? Close call between The Knife and Silent Shout.

NB. Also make sure you get the Pass This On Remix.

Videos available: Pass This On (my favourite)
NY Hotel
Silent Shout
You Take My Breath Away
Marble House
Handy Man

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nico said...

I always though Deep Cuts was their debut album. I'll download the first one tonight then.

I think Heartbeats is my favourite by them though.

b said...

The only album of theirs that I have is Deep Cuts. There are some very good tracks, but overall I wouldn't call it genius.

tinus said...

Deep Cuts is definitely their worst album. They shouldn't be judged on that album alone. I'm not crazy about Heartbeats and that's probably why I didn't take much notice of The Knife when I first heard this song. I was blown away when I heard their new album (Silent Shout) and then to my amazement realised that their first album (The Knife) was just as good if not better (eg NY Hotel and I Just Had To Die).

hein said...

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If any of you try this let me know how well it works.

PS that Pass It On video is damn good. Whilst watching it I thought yeah alright, but it stuck somewhere.

Keep on keeping on

Anonymous said...

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