"Reality is me. Reality is you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah."

Or so sings the man who can make smoking a cigarette look so cool, he's personally responsible for a measurable percentage of smoking related mortalities since 1996. Who am I referring to? Well, here's another clue:

What do Bart Simpson, Beck, Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen have in common?

The answer, as The Guardian writes, is depressing. The Guardian also draws comparisons between bands and sects, with specific reference to The Fall.

PS: Isn't it interesting that Scientology (you've guessed it) got to the two most popular vehicles of satire on TV today, namely South Park (via Isaac Hayes) and The Simpsons (via Nancy Cartwright)? Coincidence? Probably.


hein said...

Let's not forget that Jerry Seinfeld also dabbled in Scientology

b said...

I didn't know that. Thanks for ruining my day.

hein said...

I know! It fucked me up. At least it was just a short stint, kinda like trying on a new shirt.

PS don't you hate these 'comment removed by author' comments? What was said? Why was it removed. I need to know damnit!

PPS if the comment was removed by the author, how can that be a comment?

b said...

More like trying on used underwear.

tinus said...

This post has been removed by the author because he is a semi retard from South Africa.

Anonymous said...

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