You, sir, are an idiot.

This table comes from a book called IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002), and seems to be completely credible.

IQ by Country

Angola 69
Argentina 96
Bangladesh 81
Bolivia 85
Brazil 87
Bulgaria 93
Canada 97
Czech Republic 97
France 98
Germany 102
Ghana 71
Great Britain 100
Guatemala 79
Honduras 84
India 81
Indonesia 89
Italy 102
Ivory Coast 71
Japan 105
Kenya 72
Mali 68
Mexico 87
Nigeria 67
Pakistan 81
Peru 90
Philippines 86
Poland 99
Russia 96
Senegal 64
Slovakia 95
South Africa 72
South Korea 106
Tanzania 72
Turkey 90
U.S. 98
Uganda 73
Ukraine 96
Uzbekistan 87
Venezuela 88
Vietnam 96

As you can see, the average South African is borderline retarded, which is defined as having an IQ between 70 and 79. So finally there is proof that when meeting a stranger it makes sense to assume he or she is a complete idiot. Once again science has come to the rescue of my unfocused misanthropy.

O now I sure that they are all actually really nice people and its not their fault and they shouldn't by judged on it and whatever, but...Actually consider that previous sentence a disclaimer. I'll leave it there.


b said...

Chatting about low IQ, here's an update on Afghanistan and the Jesus freak. The people said that they will tear this heretic apart. His family turned him in in the first place. Now the government has dropped the charges, and, get this, released him into the custody of his family.

This pretty much brings you up to date on everything newsworthy that has happened in Afghanistan since the war.

tinus said...

I would like to see a poll where they compare the IQ's of Caucasians in SA with Europe, US and rest of the world. I suspect we will be up with countries like Germany.

Anonymous said...

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struktur said...

I don't really think its that simple, IQ is not really all its cracked up to be. You can get a VERY basic idea of a persons capabilities from it but that's about it. Human intelligence is emergent its as much dependant on the environment as on the individual.

Of course its also stereotyping to the extreme to just assign a single IQ value to a country, surely it varies within the given country? To my mind there would be differences based on any number of factors, economics, geography the list goes on.