From The Independant:

South Africa's Aids epidemic is driving a new health crisis in the country as women, fearful of appearing to be HIV positive, are becoming obese in record numbers.

Nearly one third of women in South Africa are now severely overweight, Tessa van der Merwe of the International Association for the Study of Obesity has revealed, as a combination of new fears and traditional, cultural factors encourage excessive weight gain.

"Regretfully, there is a perception that if a black woman is thin, she might have HIV/Aids," Ms Van der Merwe said.

Deep fry your fear in fat


theresa said...

I am a fourty years old with 2 children that are teenagers and I still have the fear that aids might "creep on to me" because of casual sex I had 20 years ago.

The sex was ugly and boring.

hein said...

AIDS gave people a medical reason to feel guilty about sex, on top of the other layers of guilt already surrounding the act. Terrible to think that the teenagers of the seventies and sixties were allowed more guiltless promiscuity than us in the 21st century...