Herpes new year!

Single with a STD? Don't despair, here's your chance to share your experiences with "hundreds of thousands". Continue to be an active member of the community and give something back.



b said...

STD's are SO hot right now.

Paul said...

In NZ, STI rates are through the roof. (They're not allowed to be called STD's in NZ anymore, because "disease" has negative connotations. We don't want to make people feel bad about their itchy bits, lest they be afraid to get treatment.)

Out of interest, Tinus, how did you come across this site?


tinus said...

Paul, thanks for being concerned but you don't have to worry. Leani read about it in 'The Metro', the free newspaper on the tube.

scary clips said...

LOL - STDs are so hot??? Funny!