South Park Republican

I never fully appreciated how influential Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park is:

From Wikipedia:

The term "South Park Republican" has thus become popular among a handful of pundits to describe young Americans who interpret the show's values as being parallel to their cause. They see themselves as being more libertarian and far less puritanical than many other conservative groups (e.g. the religious right). Trey and Matt say they are extremely grateful for the 15 half-hours of airtime that Comedy Central annually affords them because it gives them a "bullhorn to yell at America." The phrase, "You know? I've learned something today..." is the trademark line, used in nearly every episode, to outline the South Park solution to the current moral crisis. South Park Republicans empathize with the characters' consideration of moral guidelines in their attempts to explain their surroundings and are extremely likely to support the "children's" decisions.

Trey Parker, quoted in the same Wikipedia entry:

And it comes from an honest belief we have, which is... George Bush doesn't know what's going on. Michael Moore does not know what's going on. And Alec Baldwin definitely does not know what's going on. Basically, this shit is gigantically complicated.


tinus said...

What about Matt Damon? Surely he must know what's going on.

b said...

That was my first thought as well. But dunno, they didn't mention anything about Matt.

Matt Damon said...

Matt Damon!