Top SA journalist resolves the gay marriage conundrum once and for all

Jon Qwelane, columnist for News24 and staunch Zuma supporter and defender, offers this brilliant, piercing argument against same-sex marriages.

You have to read it to believe it.


nico said...

What a joke.
The guy's name sounds familiar though. Wasn't he a presenter on Cape Talk or 702 at some stage?

Hein said...

i read this yesterday and was similarly surprised. That part about it not being natural is pure tautology. If a human does it, and human's are part of nature, then it is natural, QED.

What it frightening is that this guy isn't in the minority. We are. The overwhelming majority of South Africans, white and black, agree with this guy. Zuma the populist vocalized it too. The tyranny of the majority...

But black people especially surprise me. They were discriminated against based on color, and now they have no problem discriminating based on something equally meaningless, sexual orientation.

Man has no sense of history.

b said...

Yes, but his show got "pulled" (allegedly because of a single complaint)) after he made statements to effect of:

the South African Government is guilty of gross dereliction of duty in its handling of the “illegal immigration problem”, that a benevolent dictatorship is desirable and preferable, that the South Africa Constitution should be suspended; that illegal immigrants be ruthlessly hunted down, jailed and deported; that they be shot on sight, that illegal immigrants are guilty of perpetrating violent crimes against law abiding citizens, and do not deserve to be treated as human beings – do not qualify to be categorized as incitement of imminent violence, or advocacy of hatred based on race or ethnicity that constitutes incitement to cause harm.


Can you imagine what would happen to a white journalist if he were to make those statements?

The Media Review Network were very taken aback by 702's decision:


As far as the News24 article is concerned, you would have thought that a black person living in post-Apartheid South Africa would have learnt a thing or two about tolerance.

b said...

hein, you summed it up very well.

i think the idea that man is at the end of the day just another animal and a part of nature hasn't sunk in for 99% of the SA population.

Paul said...

The government in NZ has been very clever. They have stopped short of legalising "gay marriage", but same-sex civil unions are now allowed. In addition, all discrimination on the basis of sexuality has been made illegal. (This extends to same-sex adoption.)

There has been much consternation on the part of the political (and religious) right in NZ concerning this. Articles have been written "outing" the PM as gay, and her marriage as a sham. Within the last two weeks, it has been alleged that the PM's husband is also gay. It seems half of the governing party is (admittedly) gay. NZ even has the world's first transexual MP!!!

I love this country. They call NZ "Godzone" ("God's own country"). Geez, it turns out Godzone is run by poofs. (It's God's will.) And so what if it is? They are doing a damn good job in my opinion.

The article b posted a link to is, unfortunately, not very extraordinary. I would read stuff like this every week, from people who rally against homosexuality but do nothing about the paedophilia rampant in their own religious institutions.

Finally, the argument that homosexuality just isn't "natural" doesn't carry any weight when it is wielded by shit-for-brains creationists who think that the world was created in 7 days some 44,000 years ago. You can't have your Darwin and eat it to. Nor does the argument that homosexuality is a sin against God. If God was so smart, he would have made penises and anuses physically incompatible, or else would have simply done away with homosexual urges altogether. (Yes, it is specifically the sodomy that Christians seem to have a problem with, even within same-sex unions. It's "yucky".)

Can you tell that this is something I feel strongly about? Again, I'm glad to live in a country that thumbs its nose at the bigots.


scary clips said...

I am black and I am for equality in all forms, in all places, at all times.